Story of Helping

Story of helping by Gavin

On Friday, June 10, I went as a helper and leader to a kindergarten orientation for my new school.  My brother is going into kindergarten next year, so that was like a practice day for him.  There were 15 kindergarten kids.  We went looking for seeds and found a lot of seeds, and when we were looking for seeds we found fungus.  We listened to a story about a sunflower named Sophie, and we played some games.  We used magnifying glasses to see the seeds better.  We planted some seeds (sunflower seeds) and my best part was learning so much new stuff while helping with the younger kids.  The teachers taught us how the seeds work and where they come from.  I enjoyed helping the kids do stuff, and I liked being there because I was having fun.

Quinn (pre-K) drew for his story.

The middle is all the kids playing with the parachute, the bottom is a magnifying glass and

all the seeds they found, and Sophie the Sunflower is on the side.