Story of Hot Lunch Day

By Shannon Hyde (Photos by Nicole Cerhit)

Walking into the park on a crisp fall morning, watching the sun slowly making it’s way through the tall Cedars and Maple trees makes me thankful to live in such a beautiful place.

On this particular morning the sight of a temporary kitchen in the quiet surroundings made the experience even more exciting as we prepared to enjoy a new learning moment together.  Curious children looked over the pots of fresh thyme and smooth pumpkins and curiously peeked into bins housing various kitchen tools necessary for the preparation of the day’s feast.

An air of excitement surrounded everyone as Mike and Stacy Mulchahy of Big Feast (and parents of two of our students) prepared the kitchen and arranged recipes for us to begin our culinary journey.  Maple glazed salmon (expertly caught by Mario), zucchini pancakes, succotash salad and pumpkin soup would be on the menu and every child in the school would have the opportunity to try their hand at preparing different foods culminating in a beautiful and tasty lunch that would be served to students, teachers, parents and visiting dignitaries from the school district.

Each group had a different task to preform. Some were peeling carrots for the salad, some peeling the sun chokes from Mario’s garden, stirring the maple glaze for the salmon on the Colman stove or chopping onions for the soup. When a group was finished they were quick to come and help the others offering to run and get needed equipment or supplies. Everyone was cooperating and helping each other.

The meal was delicious! There was something on the menu that everyone could eat and eat they did!

With that many children and adults eating there are also a lot of dishes to be rinsed but with many excited volunteers willing to play in the cold water the task was completed fairly quickly. It was so much fun to watch the kindergarten kids carefully rinsing the dishes in large buckets of water. A perfect end to a day of learning and sharing…sharing in the cleanup!