Found in the Forest

Found In The Forest is a documentary exploring the Environmental School, a new public school in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada which opened it’s doors in the fall of 2011. The film investigates the differences between it and traditional schools, looking at the style of learning, ecological involvement, class structure, and the impact of outdoor […]

Kids create art from nature

Kids create art from nature: The environmental school will show kids how to make unconventional pieces of art By Maria Rantanen, The Times April 18, 2013 “Karena Harvey’s mother was teaching “found music” to students at the environmental school in Maple Ridge – making music with things you find in nature.  As a volunteer art teacher […]

Maple Ridge Enviromental students second

By Neil Corbett – Maple Ridge News Published: April 12, 2013 5:00 AM “The environmental school didn’t win the Canada’s Coolest School Trip contest, but did take the $500 second prize, to be given to a charity of its choice.  Six Grade 8 students, with the help of some parent volunteers, put together a lighthearted […]

Experiencing Leadership

Our grade 8 students went on an overnight canoe trip on Widgeon Creek with Clayton and Randy. We began our trip at Pitt Lake and made our way up the east arm of Widgeon Creek until deadfalls made it impossible to go further with the canoes. We stashed the canoes, put our gear on our […]

2013 registration

By Maria Rantanen, The Times on January 29, 2013. School lures devoted families: Only 88 spots in a local outdoor school prompted some to camp out in Albion this weekend, to ensure their spot for sign up.  Read more