Group Learning Stories Part 5a

Salmon Pictures We have been reading Salmon Forest during picnic time and learning a lot about salmon through it. The munchkins took one thing they learned about salmon and drew it in their nature journals. They added the date and some of them are working on putting the words in as well. It is one […]

Group Learning Stories Part 4

Singing and Dancing We just can’t get enough music! Lucky for us, Chris (one of our teachers that regularly fills in for us) brought his guitar. He taught us a few songs and we used them to sing and play freeze dance. It’s interesting to watch the different strategies that people will use when playing […]

Group Learning Stories Part 3

The Giant Sunflower Monica brought in a humongous sunflower from her garden! We were all amazed at the size and weight of the sunflower. The kids loved pulling out the shells to look for seeds. For many kids, they thought mostly of the yellow petals when thinking of a sunflower. This gave them the opportunity […]

Group Learning Stories Part 2

Painting One of our favourite things to do when it’s nice out is to paint! We paint to express ourselves and ideas. Sometimes we just paint whatever is in our minds or hearts. Sometimes we paint to express an understanding of ideas and concepts that we are talking about. Whatever the subject is, we are […]

Group Learning Stories Part 1

Getting to know you… Our first time as the new Munchkins! Since there are a lot of new faces for the grade ones, and all knew faces for the Ks, we took a few minutes to introduce ourselves. Each kid took a turn standing on the bench, saying their name, and one thing that they […]