Group Learning Stories Part 5b


We really do have a community overflowing with awesomely supportive and giving members. This year we seem to have so many members coming in to share knowledge with us! We love it! Natalie is coming in on four Monday morning s to meet with each clan. She is helping us learn more about our clanimal from a First Nations’ perspective. For Frogs, she told us about the characteristics of Frog, showed us art involving frog and read us a story called Frog Girl. It’s great to learn more about our clanimal identity.

Group Learning Stories 5b-1

Finger Knitting

And the fingers are flying! Back by popular demand, we brought out the wool for finger knitting and needle knitting. Thank you again to the parents who have donated wool and/or needles.
Finger and needle knitting are great activities for building fine motor skill and coordination. Finger knitting is fairly easy to pick up. So while it is challenging at first, it offers quick success and becomes a favourite activity of many students.

Group Learning Stories 5b-2

Lay, Lay, Lay your Eggs…

We had many wonders about salmon. One of them was about how salmon build nests for their eggs. We decided to give it a try, burying our “eggs” (leaf) with our tail fins (our bottoms), or with our fins (hands glued at our sides). Once they had laid their eggs and died (they really love playing dead salmon… is that normal? 😉 , we asked what would happen if other salmon came along and tried to lay their eggs. They realized that the eggs could get uncovered, and be harmed. It was a fun, silly way to learn about nest building, but those are usually the best kind ☺

Group Learning Stories 5b-3

Rhythm Sticks

Among the million other things Becki teaches us, she has been teaching us how to use rhythm sticks too. This has been tying in so nicely with both the work in music we have been doing with Sarah and the Orff instruments and what Natalie has been teaching us about our clans since we are all working on our own clan songs.

We are learning that there are many variables in how the sticks sound: type of wood, dryness of wood, how hard you hit it, where you hit it…

We are also working on rhythm, pattern, volume and playing together as an orchestra.
Each student has been looking to gather their own sticks to create their personalized rhythm sticks. Sticks should be no more than 2cm in diameter and about the length from their finger tips to their elbow.

Group Learning Stories 5b-4

Reading and Responding

When we do read alouds, we are constantly stopping to make predictions and connections and ask wonders. Sometimes we leave it at that, but sometimes we do activities to extend the story. All of the Ks and 1s received Boy Soup as part of a literacy grant/project. We read the story together and then the kids drew their own version of boy soup. They drew the ingredients to their soup and labeled some (or all) of them. They got to extend the story, make connections, work on their fine motor/art and their sounds and letters. They loved the story and focused really hard on their own soup.

Group Learning Stories 5b-5