Group Learning Stories Part 1

Getting to know you…

Our first time as the new Munchkins! Since there are a lot of new faces for the grade ones, and all knew faces for the Ks, we took a few minutes to introduce ourselves. Each kid took a turn standing on the bench, saying their name, and one thing that they are really cool at. Not only are they working at learning their new friends’ names, but they were working on listening skills, such as eyes and ears on the speaker and on speaking skills, such as projecting your voice as well.

Group Learning Stories Part 1-1

Fort Time!

Bring on the running, the obstacles, the balancing and the climbing! Not only are forts a favourite area to build gross motor skills, they’re a great place to work on social/cooperative play and problem solving too. Not to mention all of the cool finds like fungus, danger trees and of course bugs!

Group Learning Stories Part 1-2

Zombies at school?

The first chance they got, the munchkins wanted to learn and play zombie tag. Zombie tag ties in make believe play and gross motor skills like running. It also promotes fair play. We talk about being a good sport by being good natured about being tagged. This can be tough at first for some kids, but they try very hard and the other kids encourage them.

Group Learning Stories Part 1-3

Music Makes the Morning

Becki is teaching us about music. She asked us to listen for music around us (birds, trees, wind, the river). She told us that there are two important parts to music: rhythm and melody. We are learning rhythms using our hands, feet, and even fingers and turning them into melodies with simple sounds (do, re, mi…) Randy likes to use the rhythm of the day to drum us in and tells us which songs have the same rhythm, creating connections between what we are learning, what we know, and what we are living (experiencing).

Group Learning Stories Part 1-4

Slack Line

We put up some tie straps between trees and invited the students to try to cross it. It seems quite easy… but it is deceptively hard! There were many different strategies tried, from slow and steady to running as fast as you can. Either way, there was a lot of perseverance shown. There was also a lot of leadership and support shown by some of the older kids who spent a lot of time helping younger ones be successful.

Group Learning Stories Part 1-5

Folder Covers

Students have folders to keep their work, sketchbooks and journals in. To personalize them, students have been working on covers for them. The covers have to have their name and an illustration (abstract or not). They have been working hard on them and, in the process, working their fine motor skills through drawing, colouring and printing.

Group Learning Stories Part 1-6


Over the past few days, students have had the chance to learn how to hold, aim and shoot a bow and arrow. The older kids (and some adults) also helped the younger ones hold the bows. It’s a great way to work on hand eye coordination AND patience.

Group Learning Stories Part 1-7

Quiet Spots

Each clan has found an area to have a quiet spot. Days spent with approximately 90 other people can be hectic, loud and hurried. We wanted to have a place to slow down and listen… listen to the world around us and also listen to what is inside of us. Sometimes we use it simply for that moment of quiet. Other times, we reflect as individuals through writing and drawing and share back.

Group Learning Stories Part 1-8

Group Games

It’s always fun to get the whole school together to play games. It really requires a different set of cooperative and social skills than if kids just play in age groups. The younger ones have to learn a lot of game rules, which is a difficult task developmentally at a young age. They also learn to maneuver with so many people running around and how to play fair and be a good sport, even if they lose. The older kids always do a great job of adapting their play on the fly to accommodate the ability level of younger students… either including them, helping them, dodging them or letting them “win” from time to time.

Group Learning Stories Part 1-9

Morning Gathering

Every morning the sound of the drums gathers us all in together to begin the day. It’s a great time to gather as a whole community, with the students as well as many parents and siblings. We hear important messages, celebrate achievements and birthdays, and strengthen our community a little more each day.

Group Learning Stories Part 1-10