Experiencing Leadership

Our grade 8 students went on an overnight canoe trip on Widgeon Creek with Clayton and Randy. We began our trip at Pitt Lake and made our way up the east arm of Widgeon Creek until deadfalls made it impossible to go further with the canoes. We stashed the canoes, put our gear on our backs and hiked a further half hour up the creek to a nice gravel bar where we set up camp.

The theme for the trip was leadership and independence. The students did many activities that explored leadership from an aboriginal perspective called the Seven Sacred Teachings. These teachings relate leadership qualities to seven directions.
East – Humility
North – Courage
West – Respect
South – Honesty
Earth – Truth
Heavens – Wisdom
Inward – Love

Our meals were great even though our pancakes were rather thin. We weren’t sure which direction relates to reading directions, but that turned out to be one of the things we learned! The last day we packed up our camp and then explored some more. The creek was our trail as we waded and climbed our way along. It was a beautiful area and a lot of fun. We returned to the dock at Pitt Lake tired but filled with enthusiasm. There was something special about the time we spent working, learning, and exploring together.

Hopefully this video helps you understand some of the experience we shared.