Group Learning Stories Part 7

Mandalas Dayna taught us that some key characteristics of mandalas are that they are circular, and usually involve at least one pair of concentric circles (one circle at the core, and another outer circle), they are often divided into at least four quadrants, and they have symmetry in them. These are all good mathematical, and […]

Group Learning Stories Part 6

Dissection Round Two: Why one dissection day just isn’t enough There is so much to study and learn about salmon anatomy. Just like when you first see a new place, there is so much to take in and the more time you spend there, the more details you begin to notice. As the kids get […]

Group Learning Stories Part 5b

Clanimals We really do have a community overflowing with awesomely supportive and giving members. This year we seem to have so many members coming in to share knowledge with us! We love it! Natalie is coming in on four Monday morning s to meet with each clan. She is helping us learn more about our […]

Group Learning Stories Part 5a

Salmon Pictures We have been reading Salmon Forest during picnic time and learning a lot about salmon through it. The munchkins took one thing they learned about salmon and drew it in their nature journals. They added the date and some of them are working on putting the words in as well. It is one […]

Group Learning Stories Part 4

Singing and Dancing We just can’t get enough music! Lucky for us, Chris (one of our teachers that regularly fills in for us) brought his guitar. He taught us a few songs and we used them to sing and play freeze dance. It’s interesting to watch the different strategies that people will use when playing […]