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Lessons outside and recess in the rain, outdoor schools help kids’ physical literacy

Five school-age children are hopping across tree stumps and thick branches as part of an obstacle course — but it’s not a phys ed class. Another group of children have built a teeter-totter out of a wide board and a log — but it’s not recess. They’re all wearing running shoes, their jeans mud-streaked and hair […]

Film explores Ridge environmental school

The father of an environmental school student has made a two-hour documentary about the unique choice school in Maple Ridge. Found in the Forest was shown to the public for the first time on April 2 at The ACT, for an invitation-only audience that was largely made up of local educators.

Outside Days

Every day is an outside day for the Kindergarten to Grade 7 students at Maple Ridge’s Environmental School Project (ESP). That’s because there is no school building. However, throughout the winter, there is a 5,157-hectare forest to study and explore. Five years ago, then Vice-Principal Clayton Maitland and teacher- librarian Jodi MacQuarrie, were imagining what […]

Parents petition for changes to math

Parents concerned with Canada’s dropping math scores have started a petition to have educators return to teaching basic math skills. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development measures the academic ability of 15-year-olds in 65 countries. Overall, Canada ranked 13th. The Canadian score in math of 518 still ranked above the average score of 494, […]

Taking Learning Outside

One of the key themes of our education transformation work is to create the conditions where students can pursue learning experiences that truly appeal to their interests and passions. Sometimes these experiences take place in the traditional classroom; other times they take place in a community setting like a recreation centre or a job site; […]